2: Where’s the dog?

A millisecond later she recognized the car was sliding, and tried to correct its course – but over-corrected.  The back-end of the car swished one way, and with another small correction, it swished the other way and then… Molly was no longer in control of her vehicle and it truly seemed to take on a life of it’s own, swishing back and forth making bigger and bigger fish tails along the highway, with increasing momentum.  Molly just froze, and a slow motion effect set in, just like in the movies. A surreal understanding that you are completely and totally out of control as something enormous takes over your life. It could all be over in a second.

This is what imminent death must feel like. Here it comes.

The car went from fish tails into a complete 180 degree turn, spinning across the highway and through the oncoming lane. The force of the car was jarred when it met a pile of dirty melting snow and dirt on the curb, launching the car into the air, flipping it. It finally came to land with the driver side of the car jammed in the ground.


When Molly came to, after what must have been just a few seconds, she couldn’t move and couldn’t get out. Her brain was struggling to deliver this information having sustained a whollop to the front and side of her head, with no air bags deployed.  

Where’s the dog, why can’t I hear Betty?

The memory came back of the last moments before impact, where the car had been flying through the air. Molly had felt Betty’s body fly past her head, between the front driver and passenger seat, she heard and felt the dog scramble in mid-air, her 130 lb body passing by like a sack of potatoes, catapulted from the back to the front, thumping the dashboard and then Molly had blacked out. 

Betty was nowhere to be seen or heard. Molly tried to call her, but her voice croaked, raspy and weak. She tried again to get out of her seat but couldn’t, she felt stuck.  She sat back again, and fumbled for her seatbelt, but couldn’t remember how to undo it. She touched her chest and realized she was attached by a seatbelt. Running her hands along the strap, down to the release button, she pressed it and felt the seat belt let her go. Her body slumping into the open space, unrestrained. She tried to open the drivers side door but the door was bent inward from being jammed into the ground.

Panic was starting to set in. Was Betty dead in the back?  Molly still couldn’t hear anything and hadn’t been able to turn around.  She turned to look for the dog and saw that the rear window had been blown out, along with all of her things, onto the ground outside, and still no Betty in sight. She had to get out and find her. 

Grasping the passenger seat headrest she pulled herself through the middle of the front seats, into the back seats and then pulled herself over and into the hatchback area. Still no Betty.

She couldn’t breathe. 

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