Working title: Posting your image online, or when selfies go wrong

Are you a #filteron or a #nofilter kinda person? I’m not big into selfies, mostly because I’m from the wrong generation (Gen X) and also because I never dove into the body fitness craze or the make-up craze my Gen X friends did, and finally because I have just never been on trend whether I liked it or not. So, onwards and upwards, these things take hours to craft.

Can you we post ourselves as ourselves anymore? Even when people do, isn’t it still subtly altered.

The giant enlarged doe eyes, the extreme smooth skin, the hours you spent doing your hair before you took the picture, if you actually use your own hair. Retake after retake. I talk to my friends and this is what they tell me they do, it’s fascinating, on and on and on.

So imagine my delight when on my first foray into this world I found an app called Photolift that allows you to alter your body shape, face, hair, add tattoos… its incredibly cheesy to give yourself abs when you don’t have any, it’s incredibly acceptable to not have any abs at all. #NFG

How did I do? I noticed these photos are often taken in front of an open toilet, so this has all been carefully crafted, nothing by chance. #authenticity. Face has been removed to protect the innocent. Just keeping it real (winky face) 🙂

On Courtney Love and being Cool

I read an article featuring celebrities asking Courtney Love… 20 questions. As a child of the Grunge era, I love reading anything about it. Nirvana was everything and Kurt Cobain was a fascination for everyone.

How these celebrities were chosen to ask her a question appears to be based on their history together, as I remember her knowing them all as friends, musical collaborators, back in the day, etc. But she also went to Liz Taylors Easter Party??

I never really thought of Courtney as an artist… she was always painted as a muse to Kurt. Until she started Hole, then she seemed like more than that. She always seemed to be a mess, a reinvention at times, but a larger than life mess who slept with a lot of interesting celebrities in highly drug induced scenarios. Turns out age has worked for her. She’s fascinating in an artsy, rough-life but educated way…. Her answers ramble, full of unapologetic opinions, references to Baudelaire, and musings on old and new music, every kind approached with an open mind. Give it a read, “20 questions for Courtney Love, The Queen of Grunge”

All I’m saying is, interesting people are in short supply, and she is a force of nature and full of new and unexpected ideas. Give it a read. I’m going to pick up some Baudelaire… because now I’m curious.

Charles Baudelaire might have appreciated this poetic view.