On Courtney Love and being Cool

I read an article featuring celebrities asking Courtney Love… 20 questions. As a child of the Grunge era, I love reading anything about it. Nirvana was everything and Kurt Cobain was a fascination for everyone.

How these celebrities were chosen to ask her a question appears to be based on their history together, as I remember her knowing them all as friends, musical collaborators, back in the day, etc. But she also went to Liz Taylors Easter Party??

I never really thought of Courtney as an artist… she was always painted as a muse to Kurt. Until she started Hole, then she seemed like more than that. She always seemed to be a mess, a reinvention at times, but a larger than life mess who slept with a lot of interesting celebrities in highly drug induced scenarios. Turns out age has worked for her. She’s fascinating in an artsy, rough-life but educated way…. Her answers ramble, full of unapologetic opinions, references to Baudelaire, and musings on old and new music, every kind approached with an open mind. Give it a read, “20 questions for Courtney Love, The Queen of Grunge”

All I’m saying is, interesting people are in short supply, and she is a force of nature and full of new and unexpected ideas. Give it a read. I’m going to pick up some Baudelaire… because now I’m curious.

Charles Baudelaire might have appreciated this poetic view.